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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nutriwell : Our Corporate Services

As it is said that All work and No play. makes you a dull boy. At Nutriwell Lucknow we follow this from our heart.At Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell ,Our programs help your Employees learn and implement good dietary habits, healthy lifestyle, and reduce risks for illness and disease. Just as important, our nutrition programs increase employees' sense of well being and Body Immunity. So you all are welcome at Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell.
At Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell we are providing various health benefits and healthy lifestyle solutions to individual clients visiting our clinic. We stand committed to provide the similar benefits through natural solutions for a life-time of wellness to Corporate World also.Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell aims to train busy executives working in various corporate regarding these aspects of health through education and training on right nutrition and correct lifestyle i.e. living according to the nature, proper nutrition, and stress management.
The clear benefits arising out of our program at Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell  are:
1.          Complete Awareness about optimum health and how to maintain that at Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell.
2.         Normalized Cholesterol Levels.
3.         Normalized Levels of Blood Sugar.
4.         A fit and energetic body at Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell .
5.         A thorough knowledge of right nutrition, healthy food habits and lifestyle.
6.         Managing medical conditions and chronic illness.
7.         How to reduce risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, and more
8.         Better Personal and Professional life of employees.
9.         A better response to stress and a better lifestyle balance.
10.      Better team spirit and inter-personal relations.
11.       Lower incidence of sick leaves.
12.      Lower attrition rates.
13.      High performance and productivity.
14.      Sense of wellbeing and happiness.
Various ways in which Nutri well can provide our services to our corporate clients:
·         Workshops: Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell organizes various workshops as per the requirement of particular organization and its employees with an aim to sensitize the participants to the concept of Healthy living, wellness and to clear their doubts and queries.
·         Nutri well‘s door step service: We offer one to one consultation at the doorstep of our clients. Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell also organize health Camps, Preventive Health Check-ups, Nutrition consultations as per the requirement of the firm.
·         Personal visits at our centres: Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell  services can be availed at our centre.
·         On line consultation of Dr Surabhi Jain Nutriwell : We have an interactive website through which we offer consultation services on nutrition and health telephonically and through email respectively to clients who cannot visit our centres.

Dr Surabhi Jain
Consultant Clinical and Public health Nutrition, Metro Hospital
Nutri Well Clinic
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