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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nutriwell : Food To avoid in Stress

At Nutriwell we support the concept of Healthy Mind resides in healthy body. Nutriwell suggests you that mental health is as important as physical health .At Nutri Well we accept the importance of Nutritional therapy and food in our health. Lets discuss about the food we should avoid in dietician in Lucknow for more details.

it is a well-known stimulant which increases heart beat and basic metabolic rate. So excessive consumption of coffee will make your condition worse. It is always better to use decaffeinated coffee in stressful situations.At Nutriwell we suggest to avoid these kind of stimulants completely.

if it is taken in very small quantity, then it’s known to relax the body and might decrease the stress. But if consumed in large quantity then it will increase stress by disrupting the normal sleep hence increases the symptoms of will give a feeling of false elevation and you will run away from your problems. contact dietician in Lucknow for more details.

always good to fight with your demons and face the problems. Running away from our own life will lead us nowhere.At Nutri well we suggest to avoid these kind of stimulants completely

It is known to increase the heart rate so it increases the stress. The simple test is measure your heart rate before and after a cigarette then you will know the difference.At Nutri well we suggest to avoid these kind of stimulants completely

Many people eat sugary food in may give you a temporary relief but sugar secretes a hormone called insulin which helps in regulating the blood sugar level. If this hormone is secreted in large quantity it will remain in blood for longer duration and can cause energy dip which will enhance the stress symptoms. contact dietician in Lucknow for more details.


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