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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy

At Dr Surabhi Jain's Nutriwell we believe that Exercise is always the best method to keep your body and soul refreshed and energized. But at the time of pregnancy everyone is apprehensive about the health of the new mom and the coming angel. But if there is no complication which can limit your capability to exercise it is always good to do some light exercise during pregnancy. Weight gain in pregnancy is normal and it can be lost after proper diet and exercise after pregnancy. The regime of exercise before you are pregnant and during pregnancy will be totally different. You should always consult your health care provider about the proper diet and exercise schedule.
At Nutri Well we believe, during pregnancy the aim of exercise should not be to avoid weight gain or lose weight. Exercise in pregnancy can make you feel and look better. Exercise increases blood flow hence giving a radiant low to your will decrease the constipation related with will help you to cope with emotional disturbances and stress of pregnancy and keeping your bones and joints healthy and flexible. Daily work out releases endorphin hormone which is responsible for the elevation of mood and you will definitely feel better and refreshed. if you are active in pregnancy its always very helpful to shed that pregnancy fat later.
But never take any kind of physical exercise yourself. First consult your doctor or health care provider.
At Nutriwell we ensure that you get Complete information about Pregnancy Nutrition and your physical activity guidance.Nutri Well supports the concept of natural delivery. If exercise is done properly under the guidance of trained personnel it gives you a fit body with strong muscles and heart. Which will be undoubtedly helpful in labor. Lung exercises gives you a better control over your breathing which will be of great help during labor. The precautions to keep in mind are never try to overdo anything. The most effective work out will be walking with taking deep breaths in and out.
So all would be Moms incorporate some physical exercise in your daily routine. Hope you all are blessed with a healthy and happy baby.
For More details about pregnancy nutrition kindly contact Dr Surabhi Jain at Nutri Well Lucknow. Nutri Well is committed to provide you best services.


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