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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Malnutrition in Children : High alert for Parents, Nutriwell's study

Malnutrition in Children : High alert for Parents

Is your child
·         Underweight /Overweight,
·         Lacks concentration,
·         Weak in studies ,
·         Takes time to respond ,
·         Low level of immunity and stamina,
·         Problem coping up with studies.

It may be a case of Malnutrition.” A new study based on a survey of the height and weight of more than one lakh children across six States has found that as many as 42 per cent of under-fives are severely or moderately underweight” . Source: The Hindu 10th Jan 2012.

Now days we are seeing Aamir Khan advocating Malnutrition program in India. The actor has been roped in by the ministry of women and child development to be the face of the movement over the next one year. Opposite to usual belief Malnutrition is found in rich and middle class families also.Contact dietician in lucknow for details

There are two reasons for Malnutrition in middle and high class families –
1. Imbalanced diet
2. Ignorance of wrong food habits in children by parents.
 It is also found that some parents are totally unaware of what a balanced diet should consist of. They don’t know the importance of balanced diet. They only care that their children eat adequate diet.
If child wants to eat chips,samosas,maggi,chowmin,pastries, their parents do not resist. Parents themselves also eat junk food and allow their children also.Contact dietician in lucknow for details

Suggestions for preventions

1. Guardians, themselves must change their food style, as children learn their food habits from their home.
2. Mothers should breast feed their children for adequate period.
3. Children should be provided medical check-up and proper Diet Planning from time to time.
4. Teachers must give information to students on how to prevent disease from malnutrition.
5. Complete Nutrient support by a Dietician or Doctor.
6. Life style modification for kids and engage them in healthy eating
7. Proper diet In Pregnancy

Nutrition in Pregnancy is the most underrated health concern in India. This is the time when a lady and the new life growing inside her need proper nutritious diet for the optimum growth of brain and body. In Pre and Post Natal Period the need of nutrients and elements are different for every month. Contact dietician in lucknow for details

 We conducted a survey in schools of Lucknow.Contact dietician in lucknow for details

All the data collected for the project revealed that most of the children suffer from malnutrition due to their wrong food habits and eating imbalanced diet. If the parents show a little concern towards their children, this problem can also be eradicated. Meetings between parents, teachers and Dietician and doctors would be of much help in solving this problem. All these steps should be taken in a hurry because today’s children are tomorrow's future.Contact dietician in lucknow for details

Collected data
It came to light from our survey that:
1. Only 4% students in the age group of 3-7 years like green vegetables.
2. 5% students like pulses.
3. Only 2% students like milk.
4. 5% students like fruits.
5. 60% students like Maggi /Chowmin.
6.  70%students like cold drink.
7.  10% students like juice.    

     In this survey It was found that 20% children are weighing above the normal weight, 70% children are weighing below the normal weight and only 15% children are found with the normal weight. Also in this survey it was found that 80% students complained of frequent infections.Contact dietician in lucknow for details

Do not take Nutrition in childhood and pregnancy lightly. It is one of the major factors which affect his/her health and future in the later part of the life.Contact dietician in lucknow for details


Dr Surabhi Jain
Consultant Clinical and Public health Nutrition, Metro Hospital
Nutri Well Clinic
Phone: 9451940465, 9648888820

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