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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hi from Dr Surabhi Jain's Nutriwell.

I am a Dental Graduate with MBA degree in the field of Health Care Science and PGDPHN (Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Nutrition) . Presently I am associated with Metro Hospital, Lucknow as Senior Consultant, Clinical and Public Health Nutrition.I worked in the field of maternal and Child Health Nutrition with international organizations like FHI  (Family Health International ), MOHFW and Non-profit sector .I felt a need of Professionally managed Nutritional Consultancies in India.

Nutri Well is a belief, a faith, a conviction and most of all an intense element of trust of mine that has its roots from the branches of Naturopathy and Nutritional science. Nutrition is the one aspect that is both the cause and remedy of serious
illnesses.We believe in the same notion and it is our sincere aim to study the people, understand their ailments and then chalk out a proper diet that would stimulate his or her body’s immune mechanism to fight the disease.

At Nutriwell we deal with every Nutrition related aspect of our life.Nutrition is a vitally important part of people’s lifestyle, and can affect our health. We have the most qualified manpower for services.
Our clients include Individual patients in need of Medical Nutritional therapy, Firms, Hospitals, Corporates, NGO, international organization, Event Organizers and many more.

We also specialize in Medical surveys and research.The survey results are used to develop, monitor and improve health and nutrition policies and services, both nationally and locally.We provide highly qualified manpower for needs.

Our other services includes Seminars, Lectures, Menu planning, Cafeteria Audits, health Camps, Preventive Health Check-ups, Nutrition Workshops. We also conduct Nutrition Awareness Programs for Hospitals, NGOs, Companies, Schools, Colleges, and Clubs etc.
Kindly contact us for further details. We will customize the information to suit your needs!

 Dr Surabhi Jain
Consultant Clinical and Public health Nutrition, Metro Hospital
Nutri Well Clinic
Phone: 9451940465, 9648888820
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