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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Unique clinic to help you

The key motto of Nutri Well is to provide comprehensive solutions to lifestyle and lifecycle related medical conditions through provision of Nutritional and Naturopathic Therapy. Nutritional therapy at Nutriwell ,intrinsically involves the remodeling and restructuring of routine diet cycle built upon close scrutiny of individual diet patterns. Contact dietician in lucknow for details

Nutritional diet therapy is backed with guidance on use of Naturopathic formulations and easy to follow exercise regimes .Our unique diet therapy at Nutriwell is based on Regularizing, Detoxifying and rejuvenating every cell of the body. At the interventional level we provide Therapeutic and Preventive choices for weight management & common health related disorders .In Nutri well Nutrition Professionals help individuals to fight against specific illnesses as well as help them to change their day to day life style . Contact dietician in lucknow for details

Nutri-Science is another special Mantra of Nutriwell clinic that instigates the body’s self-care mechanism to put on its armour and ward off any diseases from its way. One thing that this therapy does unlike most other therapies is to eliminate the very cause of an ailment rather than treating the symptoms 

Nutri Well is a belief, a faith, a conviction and most of all an intense element of trust of mine that has its roots from the branches of Naturopathy and Nutritional science. Nutrition is the one aspect that is both the cause and remedy of serious

illnesses.Contact dietician in lucknow for details

We believe in the same notion and it is our sincere aim to study the people, understand their ailments and then chalk out a proper diet that would stimulate his or her body’s immune mechanism to fight the disease. Contact dietician in lucknow for details

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Consultant Clinical and Public health Nutrition, Metro Hospital
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